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Natural Behaviour and Socialising

It is important to encourage the natural behaviours of your kitten through play and also whether you may want one or more kitten


Kittens have a natural instinct to hunt, this can be seen in the kittens behaviour in its play. It is important that kittens get a lot of play time for two reasons, it helps the bond between you and the kitten and also it helps the kitten practice its hunting behaviour. If you don't play with your kitten enough it will become withdrawn from human contact and also may become destructive as it will be bored.

Whilst playing with your kitten it is guaranteed you will get bitten and scratched, to deter them from this behaviour immediately as they have done this stop playing and just ignore the kitten for a few minutes if they carry on biting or scratching tell them off in a firm and loud voice, but do not shout at them, they will soon learn not to do it.

If and when you let your kitten outside, they will start to hunt prey as part of their natural instincts. There is no way of stopping them, the only thing you can do is make sure they wear a collar with a bell on, which alerts prey to your kittens presence.


Another natural behaviour you may notice is your kitten suckling, this may be suckling its sibling or any other item. This is nothing to worry about, it comes from when they suckled their mother for milk and they carry on this behaviour after they have been weaned and into adulthood as it gives them some comfort and re-assurance. If they are suckling a sibling just keep an eye in them to make sure that they are not making each other sore, they should tell each other off when it starts to hurt, however if one is very dominant over the other they may allow the suckling to happen even when it does hurt.



It is also important for your kitten to get use to different people, once they have become bonded with you and people within your household, you can start to introduce them to your friends. This will help the kitten become more confident in their surroundings and also helps them adjust to change. Just remember when you are socialising your kitten don't forcibly keep hold of the kitten, if you do they will start to not like any human contact. So let them come to you and leave on there terms. Playing and grooming them will help build a bond between you and the kitten, which as the bond grows they will more and more likely to come back to you.

One kitten or more?

There are benefits to getting more than one kitten, they generally grow into a more well rounded cats. As a kitten it helps the socialise with each other and as they play together they practice their hunting skills. They also teach each other boundaries of playing and overall become more confident as they feed off each others presence and will go of exploring more. You will generally see that one of the kittens take the role of being the first to do things and the other kitten will soon follow. 

The cons of getting more than one kitten is that there is also more costs involved, the regular treatments, unexpected vet bills and food double or even more. 


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