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Kittens can be a wonderful addition to any family, they can bring you years of fun and comfort. There are many things to consider before getting a kitten as it will be a long term commitment.


So you have decided on you are kitten a kitten, where do you get one from?

Rescue centres

You are guranteed that they are fully vaccinated and had worm and flea treatment, also that they will have already been neutered or that you will have help to get them neutered if they are too young. They will also have had them health checked and they of a healthy weight and eating well. The only downside to getting a kitten from a rescue shelter is that you may not know the kittens history, which may shape its future health and character.


Do your research if you are getting a kitten from a breeder, make sure they have a positive feedback from other customers. There are a lot of excellent breeders out there. If you find a kitten you like go and see it before you buy, when you see it make sure it is interacting well with its mother and other litter siblings, also get all the original paperwork from the breeder to show it has been vaccinated and had worm and flea treatment.


Buying a kitten online is not the best idea, make sure you can go and see where they are currently living, if you can not stay well away. You may feel sorry for the kittens but you have to be aware that you may end up getting a very poorly kitten that will end up costing a fortune in vet bills or in the worst case die. If you do get one online make sure it comes with paperwork and also the details of the previous owners vet.  

How old should they be?

Kittens should be 6 - 8 weeks or older when you get them, at this age they should be weaned and litter trained, they should also be ready for their first vaccinations. Kittens can be weaned from 6 weeks old at the minimum, if they are weaned before this they may loose the vital nutrition they need from their mothers milk. Unless you are a very experienced kitten carer you can get younger kittens, but they need alot of extra attention and care for them to grow up healthly. 


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