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Other animals

Before you get a kitten you need to consider any other animals that you have, as they may not like having a kitten within their home

Before you get a kitten you need to consider your other animals you have in your household. If you have small animals, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters etc that are contained within a hutch or cage the kitten can be taught not to view the small animal as a toy. If you have a dog or cat you have to think about it's temperament and behaviour.

The main thing you have to think of is will they accept the kitten.

Cats are independent animals you have to consider the cats behaviour. Is your cat continually getting into fight?

If the answer to this is yes, it means that there is a less likelihood of you cat accepting a kitten into the home and is best not to get a kitten as your current cat may get overly stressed and leave your home or will injure or possibly kill the kitten.

Is your cat laid back and relaxed in nature or is it easily stressed with new situations?

A cat with a relaxed nature is more likely to accept a kitten, those that can get easily stressed may accept the kitten, though they may also become overly stressed by the new arrival and can cause it to become ill.

Does your dog want to chase small animals or birds?

If your dog pulls and wants to chase or does chase after small animals it is best not to get a kitten, as there is a high chance that the kitten would get injured or even killed.

Is your dog very playful or laid back?

If your dog is playful, you will have to have areas within your home where the kitten can escape and have its own space, this may be a room or lots of high up spaces away from the dog. 


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